Down and out for a while

So, my cat got sick, then I got sick, too!!! I thought I could just stay home and use it as an excuse to get things done, but as these things usually do, turns out that I can’t really sit up for very long without feeling like my head is going to burst. So, I only got a little sewing done.

I was really hoping to make some headway in organizing the Mills event. I’d like to write-up bios of each “character”, have a quick facts notecard for each one, and also a page of current town events. These would each be mailed to the appropriate participants. Trouble is, I’m still lacking quite a bit of info on each character, and have nothing as far as town events are concerned. But I do have recipies, which I need to put up on the yahoogroup. Maybe tommorrow. And i still need to get over to Mills to help plot out the table set-up. But I’m not going to expose poor Terry to my disease! Guess it will have to wait another week. Then I can also ask about bios.

On the plus side, I’m wrapping up a few projects and kicking off the start of some others. Mom’s ballgown is done except for trim (goodness knows how many incarnations of trim will go on before she finds one she likes!) and a ribbon for the tucker. The coat for the man in Texas is in the draft stages. The corset that was too big is back for me to correct. Also got fabric for the new parasol that needs to be restored. Not exact match on colors, but I’m not complaining as I like the new stuff more! As always, dresses for Abraham’s lady in any spare time. And, gearing up for a museum visit in a few weekend has brought a new to reenacting lady over here for a private consult. (Getting her tuned into accuracy before she gets corrupted! MUU-Haww-Haww evil laugh!) I’m hoping I can lay out a good, yet affordable, game plan for her wardrobe based on her needs and impression. Feel pretty confident I can get her into a dress and the right underthings, but you never know about corsets!!

Well, that’s it for now!

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Sick kitty

Well, even though she was fixed in December, we are still having problems with the incision site. Turns out, she was allergic to the stitches and this formed an infection under her skin that finally popped open on friday. Now she has to wear this funny looking cone! She thinks that she can’t walk when she wears it and just flops over. Poor little thing!


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I’ve joined the Legions…!

Of people blogging!

Welcome to what I hope will be a flexible extension of my website: Miss MacRae’s. Here I hope to be able to upload pictures of current projects, make available for download forms for customers, refine and inform customers of new policies and procedures, and keep friends in the sewing community informed of workshops, new articles, my travel schedule, and general discoveries. Bear with me, as I am not quick at learning new technology!


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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