Business rethinking

So I met with my small business consultant yesterday. It appears I’m at a turning point. I can either choose to make this a viable, full-time, bill-paying business, or I can choose to let it be something that merely supports my hobby while I take a part time job elsewhere. Unfortunately, this decision is mostly up to the part-time employers I applied to and not me, but if I should go all out on the business, I have been doing some market research and now, for the first time ever, are solid price lists!!!! YAY!!!! You will see that I fall somewhere in the middle of Robin Stokes and Anna Allen, and Kay and Abraham’s Lady.

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I survived the Island (and had fun,too!)

I regret I don’t have any pictures of the great weekend I spent at New Market this past weekend. Others have them up on Facebook though! It rained and was muddy, and a bit cold at times, but the humor and camaraderie of friends made it one of the best years at New Market ever.

After this event, Kate Engler, Allision Goddart, and Maeve Hogan and I developed a female counterpart to the “Rowdy boys”. The Mudhens!

You are a Mudhen if:

You don’t mind wearing working attire for a whole event and NOT looking “pretty”.

You don’t mind cutting and stacking hay with the boys in the field.

You can’t stand sitting “in camp” on your butt all weekend!

You’d rather be out there firing the rifle than watching the boys.

A little mud never hurt anybody!

You can start a fire and cook something without any help or fancy implements.

Hiking and canoeing in period garb makes it more fun.

You don’t come to events to catch up on sleep, but to stay up all night meeting new people.

Getting a totally period feel for an event or portion of it is totally worth it, even if the feeling you might get is a so-called negative such as “misery, uselessness, dejection, loneliness,” or “fear”. If our counterparts experienced it, and we got to a little, it was a good experience.

The use of period correct tobacco and alcohol is tolerated!

Flying a kite in a rainstorm before a battle is FUN!

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Business closing?


Thank you to all who have supported me over the past three years, but, due to some financial strain with my husband’s job, etc, I will no longer be opperating Miss MacRae’s as a fulltime business. I will still be taking orders, and hoping to get them done in a timely fashion despite having to go back into the minumum wage workforce fulltime. I find it very ironic that my skills, including my Bachelor’s degree,  only amount to about $7 per hour of worth!  But please be patient as I may not be able to meet short deadlines or be able to meet with you at any hour of the day as I have been able to before. This also means I can no longer offer my assistance with “sewing days” for new people entering the hobby. I guess I should have been less generous with my time and started charging for those free “lessons”? Well, have a great summer everyone, and cross your fingers that my dear Husband can get a job soon!

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Back from a weekend of Time Traveling!


Well, this weekend was a flurry of multiple eras! I went from Civil War at the Newton Battlefield in Elmira on Saturday, to the Jane Austen Ball in Rochester on Sunday! I have to say the Jane Austen ball was FAR more fun! I mean, the corsets are soft, I got to wear my new blue slippers (so comfy!) the dresses don’t have big hoops, you get to DANCE all day with men who KNOW how to dance, and LIKE to dance, eat little period delicacies…what’s NOT to love?! And, unlike the Civil War event, I had something to do all day, and even if someone wore something farby, it still looked nice to me since I don’t know much about the Regency era!

I did learn that, even if you do not trip over your train, once 100 people get in the room with you, THEY will step on your train. Ah well! Next year I’ll wear my new sheer Regency gown (have to change out the long sleeves for short) and won’t have a train to worry about. I liked wearing a comb in my hair, though, and would still come dressed rather than vie for space in the dressing room after lunch with the rest of the ladies. One lady came in an 18th cn silk sacque-back gown. I think maybe next year I’ll wear my silk Pet-en-l’air and quilted petticoat, embroidered stomacher. Then I could wear a pocket. It annoyed me severely that I had to cram everything in a “reticule”! Then again…..

Mom looked like she was a cast member in a BBC production, and I think I’ll be seeing a few orders for next year because of how cute she looked. Finally, her curly hair came into it’s own!


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