1812 weekend at GCVM


So, this past weekend Mom and I finally got to go to the War of 1812 event at Genesee Country Museum. We had been wanting to go for several years,  but this year our schedules finally lined up, AND, the English Country Dancers (same as put on the Jane Austin Ball) were asked to do a demonstration and teach the public a little social dancing. We also were invited to hang out for the evening dance with the reenactors.

We were shocked to find only about a dozen reenactors in each camp. I think the dancers out-populated them all. And even more surprised to find out that we were the best dressed women there! I didn’t think the sewing very difficult for this time period, and neither is wearing the dresses, since a corset isn’t mandatory (though does help the cleavage!)

Well, I have a penchant for making things and then sticking them in the closet, then when I need them, they come out. The dress and spencer are two such items I got to wear for the first time this weekend. I had made the bonnet specially for the event, and even altered a pair of ballet flats (adding silk ribbons) to wear in case it was dusty.


I’m especially proud of my new silk bonnet. I did extensive research and experimenting to come up with the shape, which was seen as early as the 1770’s. The silk was white silk taffeta that I dyed yellow using a weed from the backyard that bleed yellow goo when the stem is broken. Brown silk taffeta fabric was used for the ribbons.

Mom wore her cute little dress I made for the ball:


There was a fantastic exhibit in the gallery there of paintings and clothing for men’s sporting activities through the 19th century. I was allowed to take as many photos as I could before my camera died.  I especially liked the highly ornemented smocks on display since they have American provenence. The garments were from the collections of Susan Greene, and the Rochester Historical Society. They’re on my facebook, but I don’t have rights to put them up here.

It was a plesent day, listening to the music of Mitzie Collins, Jim Kimball, and Dick Bolt, and wandering the houses (we never get to on the CW weekend, too busy) in fine weather! No wonder people are drawn this time period!

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For Sale!

For Sale!!!!                                                  For Sale!!!

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Each one is already starched to be ready to wear right out of the box! $60 each plus shipping. Very light. No “mailbox” vision or sound distortion! Easy to wash. Good sun protection even though light and airy. You won’t suffocate under this bonnet!

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