New kitty

Meet Miss Cleo. She’s the cat of Anna Worden, who has moved down south for a while. She’s finally fitting in!


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Mumford Civil War Weekend

This year was set to be our best yet. The museum was trying alot of new things, like allowing the civilians to inhabit the buildings and do scenarios, and of course, I was not sure if I could go due to work. But we managed to make it saturday at least.


We met up with Bill, Elyse, Becky, and Katherine and attempted to fly kites before the storm front moved in. It was less than successful. The bowl shape of the natural amphitheater made for uneven wind currents.


Ms. Topping joined us in watching the boys attempt to fly the tissue paper and sticks. Chris and I decided to go farm-class for the event, with him in a sack coat and me in a modest homespun sheer with straw bonnet.


I test drove my new white silk veil. It looks pretty, and is good for indicating wind direction, but it actually increases sun glare. Wish I had brought my black one!


Ms. Topping looks on as Bill achieves flight with the dangerous Yellow Kite of Dislocation!!


Chris flying the docile red kite. Later on, Elyse and I flew the kites with much success during a windy speech by Lincoln. After the speech, Chris joined us. He was having great success, but then the kite’s line came off the reel. In order to prevent injury by kite to an unsuspecting spectator, he nobly dove for the line. He got it, but dislocated his shoulder in the process, causing a mad rush to the Batavia ER and much drugs and pain. He’s on the mend, but we missed all of the evening scenarios and events! So much for the day off….


Katherine and her new sheer plaid dress. It’s a little long for the new cage. Here she is attempting to fly the Yellow Kite of Dislocation while avoiding horse pies and tripping over her hem.


We enjoyed a lunch of homegrown cherries, jam and lemonade by Bill, wheat bread loaves and sharp cheddar cheese, and good conversation on the porch of the insurance agency. There was banjo music nearby and people stopping to say hi. It was relaxing!


My honey relaxing with some lemonade.

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Fort Niagra French and Indian War


So this year, Mom and I were much better dressed for this era than last year. I made her a robe Anglaise out of a blue and white striped heavy cotton and myself, a robe Angalise with wing sleeves from a linen I had dyed with tea. The dye took unevenly, so it looked already worn in!! My hat might be a bit too big, but we received many complements!

I wish I had taken a few more pictures. There were MANY reenactors there! And ships, even! We missed the fireworks, though.

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