Today’s meager post is about an upcoming experiment in which I attempt to poison my unit as they reenact this coming weekend at Spangler’s Springs in Gettysburg. ..


Just Kidding! I’ve been assigned to bring “gatorade” to contribute to the groups’ food that weekend. Instead, I will be bringing a concentrate used during the 1860’s instead of gatorade. It contains less sugar, has ginger to calm stomach cramps from heat, and still replenishes all the electrolytes of gatorade with none of the toxic non-natural un-pronounceable ingredients or nasty flavor. The mystery drink is:


Here’s the recipe I’ll be trying. I think I’ll enjoy the added lemon flavor. I’ll be taking it down minus the water so it can be added to water when it needs to be mixed.

1/4 C minced ginger, boiled in small quantity of water and strained

1/2 C honey

1/4 C molasses

3/4 C lemon juice

1/4 C apple cider vinegar

Mix together and keep until needed, then add to gallon of water.

I think it also might be good with a nip of peach brandy…..

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