Event of the Summer!! 1812 at GCVM!

The musings I could have on this event are far too numerous to even contemplate at the moment. I’m still digesting how excellent a time we had. But, here’s at least a few photos to share.

The hosts of the Thomson Inn, Lucy and Joseph!

Our establishment. We found out that our boarders, officers and some friends, were running a Faroh ring out of the other side of the house! Faroh is quite addictive, especially when you win, like I did!

Testing out the rope bed. Despite Chris’s expression, it was very comfortable. If you need to recycle those Styrofoam packing peanuts, a clever idea is to use them for the mattress stuffing. It’s light, and rats aren’t into Styrofoam like they are into hay or horsehair.

The spacious boudoir. The window allowed the moonlight to shine right into the room all night. There was a lunar eclipse (partial) and it was hard to sleep with all that light. But at least, we didn’t have a bat visit like Mom did in the woodshed!

Our maidservant, Polly. She was quite feisty, and reminded me of a cleaner version of another Polly I know…

I told you she was feisty…

Our goodies..

and the open hearth!


Mr. Thomson retreats.

With food of course!           

The ladies continued on unfazed.

We went to the dance: If you need an early paisley shawl, go to Regency Revisited. I’ve been looking for one for three years and they had MANY to choose from, all carefully selected to best represent what was historically available. I go the lovely green wool one for $80! They also have just marvelous fabric for any century and fancy sewing tools, silk ribbon and lace stockings in silk I wish I could have bought!

And then, there were those military types….

Mom happened to be sleeping in the room the museum keeps all the games in. On a trip to the privy, she knocked over all the stilts against the wall with a clatter in the middle of the night. We decided to pay them back..

On second thought, we’re not so sure how great our health insurance is, and given the history of this man with children’s toys…..

I wish I had gotten pictures of the glorious food at Hosmer, the leaches swimming like eels in the doctor’s fishbowl, the tailor’s impeccable neckwear, or the cluster of well-dressed ladies at the fashion show, but I was having FAR too much fun to worry about the right shot!

If they do this again next year, count us IN for sure!

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Vintage Veggies

It’s growing season and boy, are things growing!! This year, we decided to try all pre-1860’s varieties of veggies in our garden. Above, you see our peas on the wire fencing, radishes with the flowers on top of them, and our Tom Thumb lettuce. As always, Goblin helping out..

The peas were of course, very happy. The new wire trellis works really well to support them. We tried snow peas and peas that you shuck. We liked the shuck ones better since we never seemed to catch the snow peas young enough. We had enough peas for a delicious split-pea and ham soup as well as to give away and snack on. We’re letting the rest dry on the vine for seeds.

The lettuce variety we tried was Tom Thumb. I picked it because it grows in little florets that are easy to harvest. It’s a sweet lettuce and doesn’t bolt as quickly as others. I really like it, but so do the slugs! Luckily, a little beer in a few shallow dishes and I think we’ve solved the problem.

We’ve yet to try the radishes.

Here’s our Cherokee Trail of Tears beans. They’ve started climbing up the poles now and leafing out. Should be good for soups and easy to store if dried.

Purple potatoes anyone? Not a historic variety, but very tasty and fast growing purple tators from friends! The little red ones got left in the dust by them!

We also planted little onions, a medieval white carrot and are getting too many berries from the plants around the yard. We have yet to plant our squashes and pickles, but intend to this week.

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Jane Austin Ball 2010

My husband decided to join me this year, which meant more sewing! But I think he looked grand!

I wore my sheer dress that was completely hand sewn.

And my mother and her new husband, Mr. Hart, came up from Maryland to participate.

It was a fun time. And the weather was perfect!

I made a few things for people for this year’s ball:

A pair of trousers:

And this stunning silk satin dress with real silver spangles!

The food and environment were, as always, top notch. Chris even enjoyed himself!

Our next 1812 event will be the 1812 (well, 1813) weekend at GCVM where we will be the hosts of the Thompson Tavern.

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