Sewing boxes and kits

Anna Worden has been letting me test drive these fabulous little sewing boxes and kits that she’s written excellent directions for. Here are some photos of the finished products!

My favorite, the Deluxe Kit!

This kit contains: scissors, a 6 inch ruler, 5 pages for needles, a pincushion with glass-headed pins, beeswax, locket containing hooks and buttons, thread winders with thread, thread ripper, a pencil and paper booklet for lists and notes, a tapes measure, chalk for marking, and two thimbles.

Medium sized kit:

This one is very small. It fits in my drinking cup! It is only as long as the first kit is wide. It contains: 4 pages for needles, a pocket for buttons and hooks, scissors, a thimble, thread wound around a fabric twist, chalk, a ball of string, a small pincushion in the shape of a strawberry, a measuring tape,  and, since it’s for traveling, a fresh collar to keep the neckline of the dress clean. It’s tied with a wide silk ribbon that can double as an ornamental bow for a dress.

The Soldier’s Housewife:

The smallest one of all!

This one rolls right up to be very small indeed! The rolled section is a pincushion stuffed with wool. There are 3 pages for needles and a pocket for buttons, a thimble, and thread wound on winders. No scissors since a soldier would also carry a jack-knife.

Anna hopes to soon be able to publish her directions, so stay tuned!

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Finished bustle dress!

So, it’s a little late in coming, but it’s finally here! I wore it to the Laura Ingalls Wilder event at GCVM. Luckily, it was cool enough to do so!

After the event,  I had some fun with the “Take it yourself” timer setting on my camera. The lighting in the house was just perfect at the moment.

I really had so much fun wearing this and getting the great comments. I currently am working on a summer cotton version!

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