Merry Christmas!

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More Yuletide at GCVM

So, the next time I visited, we were recruited to sing in the choir!

The minister gave a sermon about how, though Christmas as a celebration is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, we should celebrate it anyway for a whole host of various reasons.

At dusk, the big chandelier was lit with all it’s candles.











There wasn’t much snow that weekend, but enough for a snowman.


This past weekend, there was much more snow, and Chris and I took a break from Christmas baking to sled down the hill with a young soldier.





















Even Mr. Wilkins went down the hill.


Malinda and her daughter, Maggie arrived.


Despite being very cold, Maggie braved the hill, too.


And so did Malinda!


We spent a bit of time sledding.
































The day ended when Mr. LeCount sprung a sneak snowball attack. I ran for reinforcements to the soldier’s fire. It was a 5 on one snowball fight. But Mr. LeCount STILL won!

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Yuletide at GCVM

Just a few pictures from today at GCVM and their annual Yuletide event. This year, we were asked to add ambiance by walking around outside, which means we got to break out all the winter wear! I was plenty warm, and we could stop different places for hot tea, cider, and a fire to warm our hands by.

We checked out fabric in the store.

Met up with friends in the street.

Lisa brought a little red runner sled. We had to test it out on the big Hill!

Chuck went the furthest.

We stopped at Thompson Tavern for some hot cider, cookies and a glance at the local agricultural paper. Karen and I read tea leaves.

There was a Christmas dance going on in the Town Hall.

More next weekend!

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