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100_1897Miss MacRae’s is a custom seamstress business. My sole industry is custom sewing for those seeking the highest quality historically accurate garments for living history interpretation. People needing “costumes” should look elsewhere!

I work out of Dansville, NY, but I occasionally travel to PA, MD, VA and Ohio.  Fittings need to be done in person. I will no longer be taking long distance work unless it is an unfitted item.

Unfitted items include:

Headwear, underpinnings (except corsets) all types of petticoats, shirts, cravats, some outerwear, aprons, and decorative peices such as fichus.

Fitted items include:

dresses, men’s sacks, frocks, or shell coats, trousers, vests, corsets, and outerwear such as paletots.

I am able to do kilts without in person fittings.

I can no longer accept commissions for military uniforms, carpetbags, Highland Dance vests and jackets, or children’s items. The children’s items, including dance vests, I can no longer do thanks to the new lead law passed by the CPSC. Carpetbags I can no longer do becuase I am lacking a source for the frames. Uniforms I will no longer do becuase there are many other fine uniform makers out there and the jean-cloth damages my machines. I hope you will understand these reasons.

For questions, commissions, or comments, please direct e-mail to

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