What do customers get?

I know that the prices seem high, and I’ve outlined a few reasons why that is based on labor, business overhead, and research and skill development. But, why should you be willing to pay these prices?

Remember your mom saying “you get what you pay for”? This is entirely true! When you buy from Miss MacRaes, you are getting a top quality garment that maintains historical integrity from the inside out. It is meant to be worn, and worn for a long time. The construction is meant to withstand wear and tear in a period manner. ( Some things are constructed so that the THREAD will break, but not the fabric) It can accommodate changes in weight to a certain extent, just as original garments did. If you wish to re-sell the garment later, you will get a just return on your investment as another will be able to use it. You’ll also never have to replace an item from Miss MacRae’s in order to get into a more accurate tier of events. All garments are constructed as accurately as possible as of the research available in 2009.

Since these items are built for longevity, you won’t find yourself running out to buy a new set of underpinnings because these ones shrunk in the wash, or buying a new frock coat because this one fell apart. Made with good materials and good techniques, the initial outlay seems like alot, but you can wear these garments over years of service.

Think of it like your good black suit. Everyone has one. Hopefully, you made sure to buy a good wool one in a classic style that will always look good. Maybe it cost quite a bit at the time, and then you had to pay a bit to have it tailored, but you’ve had that suit, or that little black dress, for years, and it still looks great. Same situation here. It’s about quality, not quantity. You may have one or two dresses in your reenacting wardrobe, but they suit your needs and you can wear them for ten years. Divide the cost of one dress over that amount of time: it’s about $20 a year. Your clothing is an investment. Invest wisely, and you’ll be much happier.

Take for instance, the blouse and skirt sets seen at some mainstream sutlers. They cost around $70. Why should you not buy those but instead drop $200 on a dress from me? Let’s see:

$70 blouse and skirt combo:



Not custom fitted


Not custom fitted so you would be constantly having to tuck in the blouse, etc. Not comfortable!

Likely polyester and is a fire hazard, not to mention uncomfortable in hot weather.

It’s too long, or too short, and you either trip, or expose yourself.

You’ll never get into any truly authentic events wearing it because it’s not accurate in the least.

Makes you look like, well, it’s not flattering.

Thread Nazis shun you.

It gives the impression that you’re here for camping and hanging out, not to teach history.

If you want to replace it, you’ll have to buy the $200 dress anyway, bringing your total cost now up to $270!

No one wants to buy it from you if you try to sell it, so you end up donating it to a theatre company.

$200 dress from me:


Custom fitted to you, and NO sizes to hurt your ego!

Since it fits like a glove, you never have to mess with things shifting

You always look tidy and neat

You won’t trip over a too-long skirt and fall in the fire.

Natural fibers keep you cool in summer, warm in winter, and fire resistant all year long.

You designed it, so it’s just what you wanted, in fabric you picked.

It has these historically accurate features:

handy dandy pocket in the skirt, skirt facing sewn with uneven running stitch to prevent fabric tears, small self-fabric piping in armseyes, neckline, and around bodice waist if applicable, “dog-leg” opening with hooks and thread eyes, buttons usually for ornamentation, flat-lined bodice, correct armseye placement, easy access to interior seams for adjustments, skirt attached correctly to bodice, skirt is pleated, gauged, or box pleated, correct bodice treatment based on time period portrayed, economic status, and fabric used, same with sleeve treatment

If you get tired of it, you can sell it to someone for $150 or so.

Thread Nazis love you and want to meet you.

You can walk into any event, no matter the authenticity restrictions.

You can wear it for years and years. When it gets faded and torn, it’s PERFECT for a poor working impression!

You have piece of mind knowing you provide a clear window into the past by your clothing.

I stand behind it. I work hard to make sure it fits your needs. I will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. If it leaves my hands, an doesn’t fit you, let me know, and I will re-adjust it to fit you. I’m not responsible for the failure of materials, but I would be happy to repair or replace items for a cost.


Um… you have to see me to get fitted?

And there you have it!

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