Bonnets, caps, hoods, and hairnets



Can you tell I really like bonnets? I’ve always been a hat girl, and I very much wish I could wear these bonnets daily. They look pretty, and they hide any bad hair day! I also can make bonnet veils of sheer silk gauze with silk ribbon.


NEW!! 1830’s poke bonnet!


Ball headdress of silk with silk ribbons and flowers of silk ribbon. Velvet leaves.  ballheaddress11






Headdress of forest green velvet with changeable orange/green silk ribbons and paper flowers.  headdress11


Net with pleated striped ribbon secured by glass beads.
















Blue spoon bonnet with red silk ribbon. Cream lining.


Burgundy bonnet with tan ribbon ties. Feather stitching to secure them with french knots. Vintage flowers inside brim.




Cream satin soft-crown bonnet with orange ribbons and flowers.


Sheer corded sunbonnet of sheer peach lawn.


The same in a nifty sheer stripe.


Quilted sunbonnet of pink printed cotton. Stiffened with cotton batting. Pink ribbon ties for adjustment.


Winter hood of black wool with green plaid silk trim and ribbons.  velvetcollar3


Knitted hoods of wool with ribbon ties.


Sheer organdy cap with red velvet ribbon.  redcap1


Grouping of silk roses set on a comb with ombre silk leaves and wired rosebuds. Worn for a wedding reception. This is one of a pair and are particularly nice for balls.


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  1. Lovely work!!!!!

  2. Enjoyed looking around your site. I just read susan Morgan’s diary and now, Mary Chestnut’s online. I’m fascinated with their veils on their bonnets and how neat it was to be able to be a little unrecognizable if you chose to with the veil.

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