Burgundy wool paletot made by the wearer with my assistance. The pattern is from Devere’s 1855.

Trousers of plaid wool, also of Devere’s pattern.

Blue/red changeable silk cravat and shirt of white cotton made by the wearer.


Gentleman on the right is wearing a cashmere mechanic’s cap with stiff linen brim. Black wool sack coat with wool batting quilting. Black silk cravat. Grey linen vest and trousers. Oysters not included.


Stuart and his linen sack coat based on the original

in plain linen that was at the Genteel Arts

Conference. Stuart’s is of striped linen.


Husband is wearing a Newmarket coat (cutaway) of grey wool with matching trousers. Double-breasted vest of striped silk with gold ball buttons. Cravat of light blue plaid silk and pleat front shirt of fine cotton.


Linen frock coat, completely unlined, with felled seams and tail pockets.


Black wool sack coat with grey and black plaid trousers. Wool scarf. Civilian shoes, gloves, and a top hat complete the ensemble.


A fine group of civilian men, for which I am only a quarter responsible! I think that they were the coolest of us all in their linen coats.

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