Hair Kit list

The Hair Kit

As we all know, one’s hairstyle is a big key to our impressions. One can either look like she stepped out of a CDV, or like she stepped out of an 80’s rock band! Whether doing it yourself, or relying on others to do your hair, a good smattering of equipment makes all the difference. One elastic and two pins severely limits how your hair can be done, while a variety of implements, easily kept in a cloth drawstring bag (you can make from a dress scrap) and thrown in the hatbox allows for a great range of fantastic styles.

The Essentials

The Comb: a must for making the vital center part, a brush won’t work here

At least 5 elastics: preferably the color of your hair, not pink or yellow, thin, not thick like a caterpillar

Several types of pins: bobby, or V shaped, or imitation “tortoise” shell with an extra bar in the middle. One type of pin does not suit all purposes.

Hair oil: a natural oil, such as almond, gives shine and controls frizz the period way

Pomade: a natural sticky stuff that you can put on the ends of layered hair to prevent them from sticking out, a little dab will do

Sunscreen: unscented baby kind to protect that part and any exposed hair from sun damage (they didn’t have it, but then, they didn’t know about the dangers of skin cancer!)

Great Extras

Brush: if you must!

Rats: no, not the rodent, these are wads of your own hair that add fullness to the sides for a desirable face-framing poof. Highly recommended for those who have shoulder-length hair or thinning hair

Switch: otherwise known as “fake hair”, a long braid or coiled bun for the less endowed in the tresses department

Invisible hairnet: made of human hair, or a material very similar, keeps fly-a-ways neat

Hairnet: decorative with a function, has ribbons along the top, the net imitates silk and keeps hair neat

Caps, confections, decorations: for the ball, or to hide the bad hair day, worn also by women with thinning hair

Wig: if you have no hair, you may consider this option

Many of these aids can be found at Sally’s Beauty supply, or your local grocery or drugstore, or can be made yourself. Hairspray, gel and mousse are not necessary, nor are they period correct, and can often leave your hair in a less-than-healthy state at the end of the weekend. Assemble your hair kit and feel prepared! Hairdressing 101 will be a new workshop added to the mornings of many events we attend this year, with the goal being to teach each lady how to do a period style to her hair. See you there! ~Miss MacRae

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