The Sewing Box

Well, it’s finally here!! A sewing box I can leave out for the public to see and not have to hide it or it’s contents away!

Let’s see what’s inside!

Anna Worden has been kind enough to publish the original in an issue of the Citizen’s Companion sometime ago. I pulled it out to re-make, little knowing she’s going to soon publish detailed instructions on how to make it!

So I can’t reveal that part, but you can see the pocket for scissors, pages of wool flannel for needles, a wool-filled cushion for the pins and the box housing the measuring tape, thimble, chalk, notebook and pencil (for making lists of things that I need to sew of course!) seam ripper, enameled case for buttons and hooks, beeswax, and thread. I also added a ruler case since I always find I need to be making tucks or measuring knitting when in the field.

I got a chance to use up some silk and wool scraps and show off my feather stitching. This weekend, I purchased horn thread winders and a steel seam ripper (which is way better than those poky modern things!) to complete the kit. The buttonhole punch was very tempting, but a bit more expensive than I could afford!

You can see it’s very easy to tuck in the bag when traveling!

I’ve hardly ever needed a sewing kit when doing Civil War, but when trying a different era I used it ALL the TIME! So don’t leave home without it!

Look soon for published instructions on how to make your own as well as a nifty rolled-up housewife for your soldier!

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