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I know that many clients have asked for solid prices on items. Unfortunately, due to the nature of custom sewing, it’s very difficult to quote an exact price on an item. But after these past two years of keeping very careful tabs on my time, looking at my competition, and tracking expenses, I finally feel able to post some good prices for customers.

But first a note on WHY the price is what it is.

All garments I make adhere to accuracy standards. I don’t lower them for anybody, even if that means I will miss out on the commission. I feel it would be a detriment to my goal to lower my standards. Hours of research went into producing the garments, and hours of skill development. I maintain accuracy on the inside and the outside of the garment. If you don’t care about something that’s as accurate as it can be, that’s fine, but I may not be the seamstress for you.

Prices are based on how many hours it takes me to complete the garments, plus any notions I have to provide. So, for skilled labor, I factor in about $20 an hour, and usually around $20 of notions costs (linings, hooks, thread, machine maintence, other business overhead) Would you want to work for $5 or less an hour at work? Niether do I.

My competitors have similar pricing. All of them have strict standards and produce high quality work such as I do. If I’m not able to accomodate you due to location, perhaps they can. See these vendors:


The Graceful Lady and Anna Allen

Robin Stokes

Consignment items at La Belle Femme

Silly Sisters

April Thomas

You will see that my price scale is on par with theirs. This is becuase my work is, too.

So, on with the prices:

Men’s items

(do not include fashion fabric, buttons, or shipping)

Single breasted vest: $150

Double Breasted Vest: $260

Plain shirt: $90

Pleated shirt: $110

Linen or wool overshirt: $100

Trousers: $200

Frock coat: $350+

Unlined linen frock: $220

Sack coat: $210

Unlinen linen sack coat: TBA

Chesterfield overcoat: $500

silk necktie: $25 fabric included, $15 you provide fabric

pre-tied buckle cravat: $45 fabric included, $35 you provide fabric

Kilts, any sort: $400

Rev war Breeches: $140

Rev War Vest: $160


(These items DO include all costs, except shipping)

Chemise: $70 (same for linen shifts)

Drawers: $60

Modesty petticoat: $40

Corded petticoat: $60

Tucked petticoat for over hoop: $80

Work underskirt: $50

Cage: $100

Wool petticoat: $80

Hairnet: $20

Buckram bonnet frame: $60

Straw bonnet frame: $100

Sheer sunbonnet: $60

Slat bonnet: $35

Quilted sunbonnet: $40

Quilted hood: $80

Apron: $25

Undersleeves: $50

Knit hood: $80

Knit mitts: $60

Knit stockings: $200

Knit vest: TBA

rev War bonnet: $100

Patterns for anything (no directions): $15 for knitted items, $20 for sewn items


(these items do NOT include the fashion fabric in the price, or shipping)

Robe Anglaise: $220

Muff: TBA

Day dress: $200

Corset: $150

Wrapper: $120

Paletot: $200

Rev war Stays: $140 unbound, $220 bound, add $40 for front lacing

Clocks on your stockings: $40

Hand sewn completely regency dress: $430

Regency dress: $220

I hope this helps with some of your questions. As always, the prices are estimates, and can and likely will change over the course of time. Your actual price may vary from the estimate. I try to estimate high, but that is not always the case and your item might vary depending on trims, buttonholes, and other laborious additions.

Now, I can work with you to keep costs down. If you would like to do laborious hand details such as buttonholes, trims, or even the entire skirt of a dress, and just have me do the bodice or other things too difficult, I am certainly open to that option and would love to help.

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